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Regular grout cleaning is essential to the beauty and health of your floors. Poorly maintained grout attracts nasty bacteria and other pathogens as well as ugly dirt and stains. High-traffic kitchens and bathrooms are especially susceptible to dirty grout. Schedule our grout cleaning services in Long Island, NY, when you want to improve the appeal and cleanliness of your floors.

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Put our 25 years of industry experience to the test! We are a fully licensed and insured grout cleaning company that is ready to take on any size job. As tile and grout cleaning experts, we recommend yearly cleaning, as well as a thorough checkup of the shower, tub, and kitchen grout lines.

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Don't neglect cleaning your grout. Doing so could result in gradual degradation of the grout lines, damaging the flooring, tub, shower, or tile backsplash that the grout protects. Preventative maintenance saves you money by spotting and fixing these minor issues before they develop into serious problems. Not only that, but the room gets a fresh new look at an affordable price.

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We are available on your schedule for any level of grout cleaning and restoration service. If you live in an older home or you haven't maintained your floors, cleaning grout can seem like an impossible task. In these situations, we have a full supply of tools, materials, and techniques ready to go. Kitchen or bathroom grout floor restoration is one of the best ways to give your room a like-new look and protect the tile floors. Hire a trusted grout-cleaning contractor with the skills and expertise needed to ensure your home looks its best. Re-grouting is an art, and high-quality grout work sets your home up for a lifetime of great-looking tile flooring. Properly sealed grout resists bacteria and dirt, and prevents moisture from infiltrating the tile floor. Schedule an appointment today with our friendly and experienced team.


We are a 24/7 grout cleaning contractor that also provides:

  • Tile Cleaning
  • Kitchen Tile Restoration
  • Bathroom Tile Restoration
  • Shower and Tub Sealing
  • Tile Damage Repair
  • Backsplash Installation

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